A Bit of a Hiatus

So, I see that I haven't written in over a month. There has been quite a bit going on, so let me keep you updated (all 3 of you who read - thanks to my mom, my stalker, and my therapist for their loyalty) - only kidding....I don't have a therapist....or a mom... (only joking....I have a mom - no stalker).

Well, I've been out of town this past month more than I've been in town. I've been traveling with students on class trips. It's been a blast and I've learned something about myself....I never want to have 70 children....travel really stinks when you have that many potty breaks.

I've also learned that my body hates to travel when it's being forced to do so. My body decided to get really stressed out and to break out into a blisters all over my face - for those of you who remember the same thing happened last year on a much larger scale...this year I caught it before it could progress to being unbearable.

But, as I have been recovering from travel, I have been sleeping non-stop. Case in point, last night I went to bed at 7:30-8:00pm and woke up at 7am....which is pretty late. So....I'm not quite back to myself....or I'm aging rapidly.

I'm really ready for the school to be over with - not because I don't like my job...but because the kids are SOOOOOO ready. I feel like the have regressed back to Neanderthals and are walking around moist of the just baning their heads on walls or hitting each other with sticks and other blunt objects.

It's really a fun time of the year and I'm doing well. I'm getting my summer "to-do list" together and hoping to retreat away from the world for a few weeks time of prayer and reflection...I'm so ready for a sabatical.

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