Pumpkin in May!?

Monday, my good friends Heather and Randy called me up and asked if I wanted a dog. My immediate response was, "What did Mal (their dog) do?" Mal had done nothing. They had come across a little stray who had been trotting after joggers in their neighborhood. The little stray had spied their dog, Mal, from across the way and came over to play.

Well, hub unit is out of town with both our puppies, so I am pretty lonely. I went over to check out the little one (at least and if anything to have something to keep me busy). She completely enchants you when you first see her. She's a wee thing with a wiggle in her bottom and a need to cuddle. Heather's guess was that she's about 4 mos. old and some sort of yellow lab mix. Needless to say, I stole her away and took her back to my house to keep me busy. I named her pumpkin. We spent the day on our porch. She slept and I graded.

Tuesday, I went to work and immediately found a home for her. It was bitter sweet. She was such an adorable little girl and was such nice company, but she'll have another dog and lots of land at her new home. My first venture into being a foster parent...as much as it hurt to see her go, it was so awesome to see her find an amazing family where she'll be happy.

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  1. Lyd, I love your blog and your great humor....reminds me of a cousin of yours. Your mom says you will soon be venturing north...I am jealous since I have always wanted to see Maine! I know, I should have visited there by this point in my life, but alas, it hasn't happened. Hugs to you!

    Tia Lety