Yard Work

As you have read, the hub - unit is away on an internship and I have had to take over some of his "duties." First and foremost being the yard. Well, I mowed the front lawn all by myself...which was pretty much awesome considering our riding lawn mower is in a most progressed state of decrepitude.

Well, my parents came up for the weekend in order to rescue me from loneliness and utter boredom (Although there were plenty of things to keep me busy that weekend - I really wanted to see them). Anyhow, we went to a birthday party for my cousin on Saturday and then on Sunday - before I was even awake - both of my parents had already torn into the yard.

The hubster I desperately pleaded with them (prior to their visit) not to entangle themselves with our shameful, forgotten wilderness; however, they insisted. Five hours later the hedges were trimmed, the front lawn was edged, the weeds were eaten, the pine straw was raked, and the back lawn was mowed - and we were exhausted.

It was and still is beautiful. Afterwards I paid them with some yummy Mexican food. It was a good day - one I am sure will be remembered with fondness by all.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. You truly are two of the best parents a girl could be blessed with.


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    We had a great time! It is nice to do something for our "baby girl"! We love you!

  2. So that's where your mum was when we talked last weekend!! She didn't mention she was at your place.

    I know by experience, (even though I live a long ways from my girls) that doing something for our kids is something that awesomely satisfied a parent's heart! Those parents of your ARE great...

    tia lety