Husband has been gone for a week. I don't usually sleep well when he is not here, but the Lord has been good and I have been able to rest a bit more than usual. I think it's because I have kept myself busy, wearying myself during the day so that when I come home I have no choice but to sleep. Even though it has been better, it hasn't been the same. I've been waking up 2-3 times a night - which is not bad, considering that during previous trips I would stay up all night and try to sleep during the day.

All this to say that a tired middle school teacher is an easily ticked off middle school teacher. My students have been riding my patience like a little kid riding the tea cups - loudly and often. I have always had "rough spots" during the year, but I'm convinced this class is out to drive me bananas.
Ape Crazy, really.

Argh. I better go before I say something even more disheartening.

On an up note, I mowed my lawn all by myself last night...now, I have to tackle weed-eating, hedge-trimming, edging, raking and bagging the pine straw, and cleaning out the beds.

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