So, I took a smocking class with my mom yesterday. Since I was a little girl, my mother has been wanting to learn to smock. So, for her birthday we smocked it up. I really enjoyed it and think that it might be a new thing that my little business can offer!


  1. Question: Do you need to know some basic sewing skills before attempting to learning smocking? There's gonna be a smocking class at church, but I don't even know the technical way to sew a button on right...

  2. Answer: Basic embroidery knowledge helps a lot. I've been doing embroidery for a while and I found smocking to be pretty easy. I would say that if you can wield a needle, you should be fine although the terminology might be a bit hard to pick up. You're a quick girl though, Jenny, you should be good to go! Best of Luck and have fun!

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Thanks for going with me. It's a day I will never forget. I am a little jealous though... since the teacher said that yours was perfect and as good as hers after 40 years of smocking. Oh well, practice makes perfect.