The Advantage of Having Cable

My husband and I don't normally have cable television at our home - we've never really felt deprived before and like having a way of keeping the world out of our little refuge. But I have to tell you, our vacation has allowed me to see a whole different side of the cable television coin - and that, my friends, would be the Food Network. I love it. It has to be the most useful channel on the planet.

I have always been afraid of cooking (not baking). The hubster is an awesome cook - you know, the kind that doesn't need a recipe and can just "feel" the food. Me, not so much - I can bake with the best - but my cooking lacks that artistic flair. I would even say that for the longest time I avoided cooking for my husband out of sheer intimidation. Not so with my Food Network. It has completely inspired me to go after some dishes that I probably just wouldn't have tried to make.

I've taken to making a menu, shopping, prepping ahead of time, and really showing my husband some love through the food I prepare. Everyone needs a well cooked meal, right. I actually think I might keep this up when school starts back and life gets hectic!

Here's a sampling of what we had this past week:
1) Rustic Chicken with roasted tomatoes, shallots, and white beans
2) Chicken Penne Primavera
3) Beef Enchiladas with Yellow Rice
4) (Lots of yummy leftovers)
5) DaVinci's BBQ Chicken Pizza - it's a local place and its AMAZING!

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