Suing over foreclosure?

This morning, I was watching CNN and they aired a story about a woman who was suing her broker over her impending foreclosure. I was curious, so I continued to watch and I was shocked at what followed. Keep in mind that this women went into buying the $560,00 home knowing that she couldn't afford it. She also hasn't made a mortgage payment in over a year. AND SHE'S SUING HER BROKER!? She claims that he told her that the mortgage folks would "work with what she had." She claims she was duped.

I'm gonna vent a bit here. I understand that a lot of good, hardworking people are in horrible situations right now due to some shady bank dealings. I also know that a lot of people made unwise decisions, deliberately biting off more than they can chew, and now they are trying to blame it on others. When we were in the house buying process we did the math over and over and over and we knew exactly what we could afford. If someone suggested a house that was above what we knew we could pay, we grew a backbone and stated we weren't interested. I feel bad for a lot of these folks - I do, but put credit were credit it due - on yourself. You listened to others and allowed yourself to be influenced despite what you knew to be true...and now, you are suffering the consequences. I'll pray that your financial situation improves - but, I won't pray that you'll get something for nothing at the cost of others' hard earned money and reputation.


  1. Big Jen the Banker gives a big AMEN!!

  2. Suing makes me so mad too!!! What kind of world are we living in!