Freedom from a Faulty Phone

At last. As some (most) of you may well know I have been the victim of a completely flawed and faulty phone. Said phone would only hold it's charge and therefore be useful for 2 minutes (at the most) per use. Which means that for the last bit of eternity I have been unable to make a phone call with out prefacing the conversation with, "My phone will die at any minute so it might cut o....." Very convenient indeed.

Well, my friends and family with whom I have not conversed in some time, help...yea, salvation from my state of "incomunicada" has arrived in the form of my new iphone 3G. Please, take note that I am by no means a technology geek. However, from my many experiences in the past, I am an Apple fan; considering the story I will be recounting for you momentarily, I am now an Apple and AT&T fan for life.

We awoke early yesterday morn with the giddiness of children on Christmas Day. We knew the new iphones were coming and bringing with them new and shiny applications for all the geeky and determined girls and boys. We dressed with purpose and drove to the local AT&T store and waiting beneath the luminous neon sign in hopes that we would catch a glimpse of 3G. It was not to be seen, but its little helpers were passing out numbers with care - assuring us that our longed for 3Gs would be there. We received our numbers 16 & 17 and with time to spare headed to the Dunkin' Doughnuts across the street for a nice warm cup of coffee and a doo-tawn (that's doughnut in 3-year-old speak). We returned and noshed on our breakfast as we waited...

At last 8am had arrived and the store opened it's doors for the first 4 grateful and gleeful techies. The air was ripe with anticipation and wonder...and 2 hours later, our ripe anticipation and wonder had turned to impatience and well, impatience. Imagine delaying a child's Christmas morning for 2-3 hours with Christmas tree and stockings in full view, yet a glass door and security guard block the way (small tear).

Oh, the joy when our numbers were called. We walked through the doors into a magical land of orange and blue. Little AT&T elves shuffled about. We were brought our beautiful phones which held a charge and brought the world to our fingertips. And at the moment of activation, devastation. The Grinch had hit and cast a shadow over our 3G day. No in store activation was to be found. Hubby, late for work, left as I remained to tie lose ends and walk the 1.5 miles home.

7 hours laster we both had activated and functioning phones. Yes, Apple had made a lot of decisions that perhaps did not render the activation process "easier," but they did fix their servers and all ended well. As for AT&T, I'm sold for life. The folks in the LA store were sooo helpful and excited about what they were doing and after a few problems with my own phone after it's activation the 1-800-customer service type people called me back every 1-2 hours to see if everything had been resolved. At one point my agent couldn't reach me - when she finally did her first question was "Are you alright" (She knew I was away from home and with no phone service). What an awesome way to represent your company! We have had so many bad experiences with our previous carrier that this one interaction renewed my faith in good people.

(Sorry, I lost the poetic speech in that last paragraph, but I was just too excited)

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