Seriously People?!

Let me preface this post by clearly stating that I have nothing against trailers nor trailer parks. I have slept in a trailer, I have friends & relatives who at some point in time have made trailers their homes, and I believe if Hub-Unit and I were given the opportunity - we would rock a trailer like it was 1999. That being said, all that follows is clearly said in jest and uses the "trailer" stereotype as comical fodder.

Now, to the post.

So, Hubby and I - as most of you know - are residing in an area of the country that is pretty different than our home state...or so we thought. Apparently, God has played a cruel trick on us (I'm not blaming God, but I am sure he is getting a bit of a giggle) as we are pretty much daily living in the worst parts of our home state, magnified by 10. In short, and as we daily say, This northern state is the trailer park without the trailers. For Realz.

1) Ummmm....everyone here dresses like it's Christmas morning. This means that I've seen more pajama bottoms being worn as "casual wear" than ever before and 10 months out of the year I live in a college town, people!

2) I'm pretty sure the children here neither own shirts, nor bathe daily.

3) I've seen lots of folks missing teeth (not kids, babies, or old people).

4) Everyone rides a motorcycle without a helmet...(pretty stupid).

5) I can't understand what anyone is saying.

6) The mustache (sans beard) is an acceptable fashion statement...

7) As is prominent chest hair and the gold chain.

I promise to post pictures later. Please, realize that Hubby and I are totally not trying to judge - we are, however, in shock. I can't believe how similar it all is to the home we know...and love...and don't love so much.

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