A Glimpse of Home - kind of

Matt and I were not in the mood to cook tonight...okay, he was in the mood to cook, but I didn't want to do anymore dishes. So we turned to our best friend, the LA yellow pages, and found a new place to dine for the evening. To our shock and awe we came across "Little Dan's BBQ and Grill." Yay BBQ! I surely cannot impress upon you enough how much my dear, sweet husband LOVES the BBQ. Needless to say, Mr. W was in hog heaven (no pun intended).

We drove across the river to our little piece of home...that would be the BBQ place...ready to try out some Northern barbecue. This, of course, seems like the most extreme form of an oxymoron in existence.

If you take a close look at Little Dan's Menu, you will see pulled chicken and smoked sausage - these are two items which I have NEVER seen elsewhere and I have lived in two distinctive BBQ regions. What I will term "Southern BBQ" usually involves pork or whole chicken (not pulled - pulled chicken is really only appropriate for chicken salad in this part of the country). "Texas BBQ" involves beef (in any of it's forms) or chicken (whole piece, not pulled).

Hubster went for the beef brisket/pulled pork combo with beans and fries. I decided to be very adventurous ordering a pulled chicken sandwich with pickled beets and coleslaw. We decided to give both the hot and mild sauces a go and ordered both.

The food looked delicious. Now, we went at each other's plates first. The Hub Unit did a great job of ordering. Pork and Beef were well smoked and dee-lish. Fries were light and crispy. Beans...let's just say they do 'em better in the South. Pulled chicken was one of hubby's faves (I thought it smelled like dog breath and refused to eat it). My coleslaw was amazing; can you really mess it up? (The answer is "yes, you can mess coleslaw up" and therein lies the tragedy). The pickled beets were indeed pickled beets and probably came from a can. All in all - a decent food foundation.

The SAUCES. Oh dear. My mother taught me if I didn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything..........LIQUID SMOKE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HERESY! Food was much better sans sauce. However, they did have a sweet mustard sauce which reminded me very much of a traditional SC BBQ sauce.

Pretty good meal, although we were so hurt by the use of chemical in BBQ sauce that we forewent a very intriguing dessert offering - fried Oreos. (!?!) Maybe we'll make our way back there before we leave and hit that stuff up!


  1. At least it was a teensy taste of home! I'll have some real GA BBQ in your honor(s) in hopes that you get the real stuff sometime soon! :-)

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Oh please please please please please bring me a fried oreo. It sounds sooooo good!