Last Weekend: Old Orchard Beach

Hubby and I headed to the beach last weekend for some fun in the sun. We drove about an hour to Old Orchard Beach. It's kind of like Coney Island or what I would imagine Coney Island to be.It was so unlike any other beach I've been too.

The Hub Unit and I walked up and down the beach until we came to the pier - which was covered with businesses. We looked through the arcade and the carnival style amusement park. We stopped at "Rocos Pizza" and grabbed some "Fried Dough" and a slice of cheese. It was the best. "Fried Dough" is a lot like a funnel cake - only a little heavier and instead of just powdered sugar, it also sports cinnamon.

After eating our awesome beach meal we sat on the beach for a while. The thing is, it was raining. I mean, it was overcast and gross by all "Beach" standards. We (and the French Canadians) were loving it. It wasn't about the sun. It wasn't about trying to up the girl next to you in the bikini. It was the purest beach experience I have ever had.

We then left the beach and headed (again) to Portland. We stopped in at the Whole Foods and decided that one requirement for the next place we live is that it have one...Whole Foods rocks. We ate a bit of lunch (that's right, the pizza and Fried Dough were breakfast). Matt had a burger and fries. I ate this amazing boil of fisher chowder. AMAZING stuff. We spent the rest of the day window shopping in downtown Portland. We had a blast. Yay for the weekend.

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  1. I LOVE Whole Foods! You should also locate a Fresh Market...much the same only a little cheaper!