A Non-Traditional Fourth in 2008

The hubby and I had a pretty non-traditional fourth of July. Our plan was to go to dinner in the nearby city and then attend the July 4th party of one of hubster's 24 hour lay over co-sufferers.

Well, I was craving sushi. We went to the highly talked of Miyake. Usually the place is packed, but being July 4th we had the place all to ourselves. We had a lovely meal.

First, the pork belly appetizers. Melted in our mouths.

Next, the whelk. Looks intimidating, tastes FABULOUS.

6 pieces of sashimi...well, by the time we took the picture there were only 3 left.

6 pieces of nigri.

Dinner was over. We headed to the house of our new acquaintance only to find that the roads leading to her apartment were closed off because of the fireworks display. Afraid that we would get completely lost and never find our way out, we headed back to our little village - only to be surprised by fireworks in out back yard.

Hope your Fourth was as memorable as ours.


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    What fun and the food looks yummy!
    So glad you guys are finally together and enjoying the summer!
    Where are pictures of the dogs?

  2. big sis8:36 AM

    very cool. the sushi looks gross...actually it looks pretyy good, but its still raw fish. ya know? but I'm glad there are people who are willing to eat the raw fish of the world.

    Miss you guys. Say hi to Matt