Life as an invalid is not fun, hopefully not permanent...

A few days ago, I finally went to a back specialist to speak with him about various aches and pains that had been plaguing me since a back injury two years ago. The day of the appointment I could move - at times, things were painful, but nothing overwhelming.

Well, the day after I woke up, got into the shower...and then realized that I couldn't really get out. Hubby (who couldn't not find the following in his contract) had to wake up early and come to the bathroom to dry me off and then help me dress. I thought that maybe this was just a temporary glitch, a stiffness that would surely work itself out by breakfast. I didn't realize that indeed it wouldn't work itself out until I was at the red light leaving our neighborhood in tears. I turned back defeated. 3 ibuprofen and a bed awaited me.

Well, after realizing later on that afternoon that my doctor's office closes early that particular day of the week, I realized I was forced to rest for the weekend until I could consult professionals. My hope was that it would be right as rain by Monday. Monday came and Monday is about to leave - and I am still flat on my back. The ray of sunshine was that I was able to get an MRI today and that the results will be known this Thursday.

I pray for those who live in constant pain.


  1. Lydia - I'm praying for you. I hate that you're in pain. I hope you get good answers tomorrow. Love you!

  2. Anonymous5:31 AM

    My baby girl, I wish you would let me come and help you. Take care and we are praying for you.

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Dear Lyd:
    We are so sorry to hear of your back problem. I am praying for you each day. After a car accident I had bulging discs and pinched nerves and the injections really helped me through it. I pray you will find relief quickly. Wish I was closer to help you. We love you.
    Aunt Barb and Uncle Mark