Move Over Elvis...

So, I'm up and moving. Not quite shaking it like I used to, but I'm getting by. I've had two sessions of physical therapy thus far and both have been very eye opening...for example, did you know that one can actually rotate their pelvic muscle unknowingly? A difficult task indeed one would think, but not for your truly. Move aside Elvis, there's a newer more gifted pelvis in town.

It was brought to my attention that my pelvis had become severely rotated when my physical therapist was checking my alignment and oddly disturbing utterances and noises were escaping here lips. She finally looked down at me sternly and said that my pelvis had somehow shifted....a lot. She assured me that it was probably related to the injury (muscles contracting and holding onto the pelvis too tightly) and that we could do various exercises to remedy the situation. She took me through those exercises and I left some what more "in place."

I went back for my second session today. HOLY COW. My "trainer" noticed that I was still a little rotated and took me through the same exercises and it was only when we heard the loud POP that she made a surprised yelp, looked at me disturbingly astonished and stated that she thought my pelvis was probably back in its rightful place. She then hooked me up to some machines she told me would help and forced me to move my back....she then sat me next to a 60+ year old man on a cross between a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine and told me tol work it for 10 minutes - I totally smoked that guy.

On a serious note:
The physical therapist once again awed at my amazing musculature (I'm like the only patient they have under 60 - seriously) and stated that she was very confident that PT would cure what ails me. It will be hard and I am a bit sore, but I am very encouraged. They did state that if this pelvis of mine doesn't stabilize, then I would have to learn how to pop it back in on my own. (EEEK GADS)


  1. I am so glad your back injury is starting to improve. Jon and I have been quite worried! Let us know if you need anything...and I am sure that you beat that old man...sure... :)

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Girl, you have always had the moves.

  3. No worries Lyd--I have a similar problem and Randy had to learn to help me pop it back in to place. Ah, the joy of pelvis's.