Okay. Taking a break.

I feel like I need to take a break from the blogging world. What most people seem to not understand is that this is not a place where I speak with authority or even the idea that other people will be reading what I write.

This is my space. I usually work out ideas, vent, and try to come to grips with what's going on by writing about it.

Apparently, yesterday, I did a poor job in expressing my disappointment in many Christians' choice to judge others around them - using others' political beliefs as the sole basis for their judgment. I obviously did not make a clear argument and unfortunately, that led some to question the Jesus I follow...rather they called into question the validity of my walk with Christ and alluded to the fact that I may indeed be making up my own idea of Jesus using the moral standards of the world around me.

I am hurt by this. As most people who read this blog live daily life with me and know me well enough to recognize a hurried and frustrated post when they see one.

I am not a baby killer. I just know that if I concede to giving the government an ounce of control over my body that one day, when we (Christians) are the enemies of the State due to our beliefs, they can (and most likely will) take that control further and deeper. This is the same logic I use to disagree with the suspension of habeas corpus for suspected terrorists - one day Christians could indeed be labeled "suspected terrorists".

I do not have children and it will indeed be difficult to conceive for my husband and me. Believe me, one day you may pass me at the abortion clinic handing out "I want your baby" ads to all the women walking in. I don't believe any baby should be aborted. My husband is the result of a woman (who I thank God for daily) who decided to put him up for adoption rather than abort him. No baby should perish because they are seen as inconvenient. I also hold to the truth that while many women will never suffer a social punishment for the crime they commit for having an abortion, they will and do suffer a far more severe daily punishment and these heavenly/spiritual consequences are sufficient.

Lastly, I want to clarify that my understanding of God and that Bible is one that holds them to be both infallible and unchanging. In my post yesterday, I never once said that the scriptures or Jesus or God or the Holy Spirit has changed. I don't believe at all in a Bible that agrees with the moral standards of today's world. I am in this world and not of it. When I stated that we had to try to apply the scriptures to the current age, I was in essence stating what man has been doing since the coming of Jesus - through constant study and prayer discerning how to walk out the commandments of our Lord in this life. Not once did I state that my God was changing.

My deepest apologies to all my readers and friends who enjoy this blog, but if it serves as a place where people can make hurtful accusations concerning the deepest and most sacred part of me, I humbly leave my pen at my desk and walk away.


  1. heck yea, Lydia. I'm right there with you.

  2. Keep blogging.

    'Nuff said.

    Love ya.

  3. I love reading your blog - you are such a talented writer. Even if you don't publish it for us to read - you should keep writing!

  4. Stupid anonymous, stupid politics, we should all get together and eat pie!

  5. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Hang in there, Lydie! I know it really hurts to be misunderstood and your very faith questioned...just remember, there are still some of us who love and support you!

    Alicia B.

  6. Anonymous10:51 AM

    HI Lyd:

    Come back and blog. How else can Aunt Barb keep up with all my nieces?:)

    We love you and Matt and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hope you will be baking some Thumbprints this Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

    Aunt Barb