Politics...Did Obama win because people didn't pray hard enough?

Okay, first of all let me say that I am an Obama supporter. I like where he stands on many of the issues and I believe that a lot of his stances fall in line with my beliefs as a Christian. This statement is obviously funny, or at the least interesting, because it's what most Christians have been saying about John McCain. But that really isn't what this is about.

I'm tired of ill informed Christians making assumptions about others' by way of their political choices, etc...based on their own theologically flawed views. I'm sick of Christians (and I'll open that up to all people) posting arguments or assumptions that can simply not be back up by either scripture or history or TRUTH.

Did Obama win last night because Christians didn't pray with enough fervor? NO! Obama won because, amazingly enough, God has a plan for his life and he was meant to play a role in our nation's history. Is he evil? No. Is he wicked? We all are. So, please folks, get off your high horse of judgment and stop posting dooms day type scripture that does more harm than good. I'm all about some scripture, but the intent of most of the scripture I've seen posted as of late has been to make digs and allude to negative or wicked character. God doesn't like His words being misused - so I would encourage one to study their own heart before using God's word to name call (or are you saying this is a prophesy?).

We do need to pray now that we have a new president elect - and we would have needed to pray just as much if McCain had won.

P.S. Please study things like Roe v. Wade before you make loud declarations that just because someone agrees with it that they are a baby killer. I agree with Roe v. Wade and hope it is upheld. I also believe in a baby's right to life. What does that make me? A Christian, but one who has attempted to consider all of the implications of upholding and overturning Roe v. Wade in order to make a decision.

I'm so disappointed in my brothers and sisters who have bought into the lie that they don't have to actually think or study the Word nor look at the issues that plague our world and apply the sacred texts to them. Just believe what your seminary-educated, denominational pastor (who by the way, has an agenda) preaches, right? It's not like a man in the church could ever lead you astray.


  1. Amen, girl. Amen.

  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I've struggled in prayer over this post and have decided to share out of a heart full of concern....concern that the Christ you claim to follow is not the Christ of the Bible. Jesus Christ of the Bible is the same yesterday, today, and forever and His Word does not change with age or culture. His principles transcend time and remain immoveable. I understand you are tired of Christians that lack love and have fallen prey to dead orthodoxy, speaking of those who are so right in their theology that they're dead right, and with that I can wholeheartedly agree. But as believers in Christ and His Word, we still are called to be set apart and not conformed to this world and the contemporary teaching and value system which has formed it's present moral atmosphere. If our views as followers of Christ are lining up with the same views that this world so eagerly embraces, we need to ask ourselves what is wrong. Jesus was radical in much of His thinking. His teaching stirred up the world around Him and He told us very plainly that if we became His disciples, we too would face the same hatred, persecution, and mockery. There is no question that we need to have love for the lost, just not to the point where we risk compromising the Word of God. I would submit to you that the Lord feels just as much dismay towards "loving compromise" as He does towards "dead orthodoxy." Take the time to consider the truths of 2 Timothy 3:12-4:4. It's my prayer that with a humble heart you would reflect and meditate on these things.

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  5. Anonymous -

    As a preliminary point, you make absolutely no argument whatsoever. What you did, in fact, was do the exact thing this post is addressing. You are making blanket claims and not backing them up with anything whatsoever. Except quoting scripture that tells us to be on guard for false teachings. Which is kinda the point of the original post.

    Secondly, how dare you question my wife’s belief in God! You came here and didn’t even have the decency to own up to your post (you posted no name, nor any relation to the author). The Bible, in fact, tells us to approach a brother or sister in kindness if we believe that they are in error and, if they do not respond then, to come with another believer. Instead of doing that, you attacked her belief in Jesus not in kindness, not with respect, but just a blatant attack. Furthermore, this attack says “You do not follow the Christ of the Bible.” No reasons. Nothing. Just that statement. HOW DARE YOU?!?!? You are questioning her belief in the Jesus she loves, the Jesus we love - the Jesus that walked on water, the Jesus that turned water in to wine, healed the sick, raised the dead, and returned on the third day. You make the statement she does not follow the Christ of the Bible, but then don’t say why (except that vaguely stating that she has 1) apparently bad theology and 2) conformed to the ways of the world - of course, you don’t mention what theology is bad, nor how she has conformed to the ways of the world). You insinuate all these things, without being specific, so as to ensure that you cannot be proven wrong. Its a logical fallacy - you set up a straw man and then attack that (you didn’t even quite do that...you didn’t even take the time to set up a straw man, you just made an arbitrary claim and based everything on that).

    As a final point, you have made it clear that you do not care to have any discussion on this matter (by posting anonymously and not making a single argument, but just making accusatory statements), but next time, before you go accusing a Christian that they do not believe in Christ, you should probably take the time to determine why they believe what they do and what there beliefs actually are. Arguing along the same lines you did in your post - I could claim that you not only do not believe in Christ, but worship the writer of the Hokey-Pokey. I do not need to know what you actually believe, as long as I think you are wrong, it is FINE to make whatever statements I want.

    So please, anonymous, take some time to think before writing. Your comment is more of the exact same stuff that this post was written to address: when Christians place their own values at a priority and bend scripture to them instead of taking scripture and investigating it, exegetically, to determine what the scripture actually means and then applying it to our current situation.

    - A Loving Husband

  6. Lydia, I think you are right on target. I am a teacher at a christian school, and the teenagers I teach are brainwashed by these same bogus ideals. The kids were actually afraid that "armagedden" had begun. Their parents have fed them lies that Barak has no birth certificate, that he is in full league with terrorists, and that he is a practicing muslim, among many other falsehoods. I've argued with them, to no avail. There is no reasoning with brainwashing.

    It makes me so mad to see Christians lying and slandering to push their agenda. People are just scared of change, but they disquise it by seeming concern over things I truly believe they know are false. And if I am not mistaken, "my Jesus"qualifies that as a sin just as abortion is sin.

    I'm proud of you Lydia for your honesty and courage. Blog on!

  7. Lydia,

    I'm sorry that YOUR blog and YOUR space in the WWW became a place to attack you and your belief in our Savior. Although this is a public place it should not be a place to insult and accuse the writer.

    Thank you for voicing your opinion. I probably do not agree with you on every point, but I appreciate the chance to read your opinions and the opportunity that gives me to think again about my own ideas.

    Keep blogging! I'd miss you. :)