Pray for us

We are looking into the abyss.
We don't know whether to jump or to remain.
We have shaking hands, shaken faith.
We see nothing but a "hopeless" future confront us.

We know God is the great "I Am"
We know that He is our Father.
We know that He will take care of us.
We know that even if He breaks us, He will mend us.

**Pray for hubs and me. That God would increase our faith, remove our doubt, and give us eyes to see the unforeseeable. **

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  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    When we surrender to God, then He can work. It isn't easy waiting, but God will help you.

    Closed doors can be God's way of showing us his will. "Wait patiently on the Lord and He will direct your path."