You are a good God. You are a Holy and Righteous God. You are the only God. You are the God who moves armies; The Holy one of Israel. You know us before we are born. You knit us together in the womb, you know our thoughts and our motives. Thank you.

Be with my husband today. Protect him as he travels, guard his mind and his thoughts, lead him to truth and speak to him mightily. May you be upon him. May he find favor with those he is meeting with - may he feel your move - not for his sake, Lord, but for your glory. As a testimony to your grace, provision, and love.

Lord, we know you have plans for us. Father, show us the way. May your word continually be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. May this door be surely opened or closed. Give us comfort and peace in decisions made and in the circumstances we find ourselves. Let your praises forever be on our lips and banish all doubt from our minds that.

Move mightily. We love you.



  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    God loves an honest heart. He will guide, protect, strengthen, love, and provide for you. He is an AWESOME, loving, kind Father.. and He is ours. How amazing that the God who created the universde cres about all the details of our life.

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Praying for your future.
    Love you,
    Aunt Barb