So, our pantry is bare at the moment. No, it's not because we are broke and cannot buy groceries (Mom, please don't send money). We have unfortunately found ourselves too busy to go to the grocer's. A bare pantry and a hungry tummy leads to one of two scenarios. The first of which is eating "out." Which as a child I found to be the most wonderful of "treats," but in my adulthood has become a sort of punishment and sign of failure which I would rather avoid altogether. The second option is what I will term having a "pioneer state-o-mind." One becomes inventive, using everything in their cupboard and fridge to make concoctions that are slightly more palatable than cardboard. I was a pioneer this morning.

I love oatmeal. I used to eat it every morning for breakfast. However, over the past few months (since school started) I have become accustomed to waking up later than usual. This later than usual ascent from my warm and cozy bed has led to breakfasts of granola bars, cheese sticks, a cup of coffee, the occasional doughnut - needless to say, not so great ways of starting the day. Well, this morning, I decided to pull out the oatmeal and the raisins and to make myself a nice, warm breakfast.

I've been trying to get more calcium in my diet as of late. So, as I was reading the box, I noticed that I could indeed use milk instead of water....hmmm. Curious. I was raised making oatmeal with water - certainly milk was some unnatural variation. I tried it as to not be judgmental of others' oatmeal practices. It was so stinkin' good. Creamy and warm and wonderful, it melted into my mouth like a sinful, decadent type of oatmeal that had always been scorned for it's seductive nature. Okay, that might be going a bit far. It was good and I think I might resume my daily oatmeal breakfast again.

(Okay, so maybe I wasn't such a pioneer - I didn't put the can of beans that we've had since '06 into my oatmeal concoction....but, I did make due with what we had)


  1. why has eating out "become a sort of punishment and sign of failure"?

  2. Only because I'm sick of eating stuff that is generally unhealthy....not the GRIT or Kelly's or El Sol....but, Zaxby's is starting to grate on me.