Finished: Apron with a dash of sass

I finished this apron about 2 weeks ago. As you know, we're trying to sell our house and I have to say that I felt really awkward about the possibility of folks looking into my office and onto my dress-less dress form. So, I did what any rational home-seller would do and made something pretty for it to wear.

Of course, this project has been in my head for about a year, but a naked dress-form is good motivation. I made my pattern and finished it in a day. So feminine, so pretty, so fun...and as always, I learned a ton. I will definitely tweak the pattern next-go-round. I'm contemplating adding a pocket with my initial...but I might just save that for my next project.

Stay-tuned for the pattern and a tutorial!

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  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Absolutely beautiful! I love it.