A New Reading Plan

I set the goal to finish reading the Bible in its entirety by the time I was well...older. I nearly met my goal - plowing through the Bible in large portions, gulping it down like it was bread and I was starving (or gluttonous). I'll go with starving in this simile. Well, I say "I nearly met my goal" in that my reading schedule met a bit of a hiccup in our miscarriage. It threw me for a loop and I failed to read during the few days when I probably needed it most. I did finish - if just a few days off "schedule."

Since then, my reading has been scattered and unfocused and I miss the structure & Life that a daily reading brought to my life. So, I shall begin again. This time, I will not read straight through, but a portion out of each of the main "sections" each week for 52 weeks. Sunday will be the Epistles, Monday - The Law, Tuesday - History, Wednesday - Psalms, Thursday - Poetry, Friday - Prophecy, and Saturday - The Gospel.

I'm very excited and cannot wait to see what the Lord reveals to me through His Word during this particular season and reading.

Happy Sunday.

I also set the goal of making a dress...which was delayed due to the fact that at the time - I was "growing" with our little Poppyseed. Well, I'm going to reclaim that goal and get started immediately...or as immediately as a cross-country move, job hunt, and house on the market will permit.

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  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Goals are good and meeting them gives a feeling of satisfication. Goals are good when life feels a little uncertain. It helps with routine.