Praying for the hubster during the BAR exam

As you all know, the hubs has been preparing for the BAR for the past few months. It has been the most grueling task that he has ever been faced with and I will not hide the fact that he has been completely overwhelmed by it. My husband is wonderful and I have full faith in his abilities, but I have no doubt that right now he is going through a major trial and turning point in his life.

The BAR will be given over a two day period, each day consisting of about 10 hours of testing. The OR BAR will have 2 sections: the first is standard for all states & focuses on federal law and the second is specific to OR laws and consists of 9-10 essays.

I have felt strongly about covering my husband in prayer during the days preceding the exam and the exam days themselves. This is where I am calling on all of you. I am organizing a 68 hour prayer "vigil" for my hubster during his BAR exam. It seems like a lot of time, I know - so, if you can sign up for a 30 minute slot for one day or if you want to pray at a specific time each day, please do. If you have insomnia, then pick a late/early shift....if you'll be up with the baby at 4am - pick that slot. Whatever works for your personal schedule.

Let me know if you would like to join with me in prayer by posting a comment or emailing me (remember to include time and date chosen).

Blessings and Thanks,

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