I heart coffee - and so does my friend, Missy

So, many of you know that the hub unit and I are shamelessly addicted to caffeine - in fact, I'm writing this from a coffee shop in the middle of the day. We most often partake of our little vice via coffee, espresso, or chocolate. We drink the occasional soda (coke), but we are most loyal to a nice hot cup of JOE.

We roast and grind our own coffee fresh
. We have numerous machines and gadgets that enable us to constantly imbibe good quality morning bliss. The hubs even worked for a month with a bathroom scale on our counter top to insure the "perfect" tamp for his espresso. He's good.

I've been more adventurous
in my love for coffee and it's uses - I digress.

My good friend, Missy, is having a contest on her blog, Miss Moose Designs, giving away 2 reusable coffee sleeved made from vintage fabric. She's a pretty awesome and awfully crafty lady. Check it out. Her blog is not only full of beautiful crafts and funny stories, but she'll also mention her love affair with an early cup of coffee during Sesame Street. I read her blog daily and I think most of you will enjoy her very real and raw way of putting herself and her life out there.

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