Update: "Fatty McGee" Pregnancy

Matt and I were trying to figure out how we should reference baby numero tres. I was going for some sort of multilingual take on the number three...Matt has decided on "Fatty McGee."

I went to the doctor Thursday. I was immediately put on progesterone to help me through the first trimester and the decision was made to run a few tests. One in particular concerns my thyroid. My thyroid is healthy; however in some instances, a healthy thyroid can send out antibodies which in essence attack your body (including babies). I should hear back about this one in 5-7 days. The good news is that it is highly treatable. We'll see.

In other news: "Fatty McGhee" has the weirdest cravings. Baby # 1 didn't do the craving thing...Baby # 2 LOVED sweets...Fatty McGee is a person all it's own. Last night, it wanted a steak covered in nacho cheese followed by Nathan's hot dog. This morning (I sadly admit), it was treated to a Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McMuffin...heaven.

I'll blog more when we know more...or come up with more ridiculous stories about our baby.


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I love lil "fatty, mcghee" already! ha ha! Loved this post, Lyd. I miss your great humor....it's totally God's gift to you. :)
    Your Cous,

  2. Glad you're taking the progestrone. I've had a couple of friends here in Alabama who finally started taking it after multiple miscarriages, and they're having successful pregnancies thus far. Praying for you and Fatty McGee!!

  3. Anonymous11:42 PM

    hahahah! Oh little fatty is a chubs after his auntie Melissa own heart. :) mmmmm mcmuffinnnnnnn...hehehe