Laughing...like Sarah

I now feel as though I know how Sarah felt in Genesis when the Lord told her that she would become pregnant in her old age.

This Friday night, I felt weird. I had been considering taking a pregnancy test for the past week - just to be safe. My body was giving me all the signals. So, I took the test...knowing my cycle was probably just wack-a-doodle and that I "couldn't possibly be" pregnant.

Enter the thin blue line. We weren't even trying - no clomid, no ovulation kits. Are you kidding me?! For those of you counting...that's 3 pregnancies in 365 days.

My first reaction was not laughter, but tears. I was happy and knew it was a blessing, but became overwhelmed with thoughts of "Here we go again," "But we haven't figured it out yet," and "I'm not ready for another miscarriage."

Then, my wonderful husband prayed for the baby and for his crazy wife...and I couldn't help but laugh. The Lord sure does have a neat sense of humor. WE WEREN'T EVEN TRYING! WE WEREN'T EVEN THINKING ABOUT TRYING!

Please, join me in prayer for the new pregnancy. We'll be meeting with several doctors over the next few weeks to make sure that my body is doing what its supposed to.




  1. PRAISE THE LORD! WE love you guys! woot!!!!!

  2. I second what pepin said! Congrats!!

    I'll be praying for you, that you won't be overwhelmed with the "here we go again" thoughts.

  3. You have our prayers and thoughts! We love ya'll!

  4. Praying & rejoicing along with you!

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Ken and I have been praying for you all just this morning. We are so happy for you both. "He leads us in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.." So many times He leads us onto paths we weren't expecting to travel down. May He bring glory to His name as you closely follow the leading of your Good Shepherd. ;)
    All Our Love,
    Heather, for Ken and family

  6. Anonymous6:26 PM

    So stoked for you guys! Derek and I are praying hard. God is good! Much love, Tara

  7. Anonymous8:34 PM

    We are rejoicing and praying!
    Chet and Bonnie

  8. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Lydia! I hope all goes well, I can't imagine a more deserving couple. I am praying for y'all, and glad that no matter what happens, you have each other for support. Hope to see you soon!
    It has definitely been too long.