Nursery Rhymes....or Riddles

As previously mentioned, we can't make some major decisions until we know what we're working with. So, just like the coming home outfits, here are our bedding options. For fun.

We recently were lucky enough to find a free, all-wood, Jenny Lind-style crib and changing table. Its a light wood, which I'm not a fan of - so it will be getting a fresh coat of paint whether Fatty is a boy or a girl. If a girl, the crib will be painted an aqua-blue or barn red. If Fatty is a boy, kelly green (maybe barn red, depending on hub's reaction). Can you tell that I'm not a white furniture, pastel bedding (pastel anything!) kind of lady?

I haven't decided whether I want to buy or make Fatty's bedding. It really all comes down to whether or not I can find what I want. Above, you'll see my top picks.

I love the simplicity of the pottery barn bedding on the left. I think boys need something simple....nothing too "babyish" - even though he's a baby.

I'm not a HUGE fan of pastel pink. I can't wear it....so, my lil' girl (who will share her parents coloring) won't look that great in it either. So, the nice brown and bright little colors of my girl bedding - with intricate quilting and nature scenery instantly won me over.

Don't forget to weigh in on Fatty's Gender....only 21 days left to get your vote in!


  1. I'm totally with you on the no pastels thing. I love the crib colors you're considering & I especially love the brown bedding. So cute! I made all of the bedding for Grant's nursery & I've been so happy with it. It was cheaper than buying a whole set, plus, it was original & I had the satisfaction of doing it myself!

  2. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Love both....