The very important stuff

So, in keeping with our "What is Fatty McGee Countdown," we thought we would show you "first toy" options.

The first toy is a pretty big deal. Especially if the first toy is a plush animal. The likelihood that the chosen beloved creature will be loving named and gnawed on is overwhelming...thus, it's an important choice. Here are our options:

Girl Fatty's elephant.

Boy Fatty's ferret.

Fatty & Mommy's awesome new Nerf guns.

Daddy's gun, "Vera."

We're pretty excited about the guns - don't judge us. It would be awesome when we're going slapstick stupid due to sleep deprivation and baby can be "slinged" for the majority of battles.

Side note: I'm thinking that I'm in trouble because I have 20+ days until the countdown ends....and I can't think of new subjects that pin boy babies versus girls babies. So, post ideas in the comment box if you have any (excluding names).

The rest of you folks, VOTE! Seriously....more than 10 people read this blog. If you've commented, but not voted on the poll...vote.

Also, please feel free to follow this blog. I'm incredible desperate to know who reads this blog on a regular basis - other than the friends & family I hassle, harass, and pay.

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