There are a lot of crazy things out there that claim to be able to "predict" your baby's gender: old wives' tales, the Chinese prediction calendar, heart rate....really all just humans' fruitless effort to try and know the unknown.

We're going to play with some of the fun ones...not because I think they hold ANY value. Just because I think of them as HILARIOUSLY FLAWED.

Old Wives' Tales:
1. How are you carrying? High or Low?
I don't know what that means...I'm thinking low.

2. What do you crave? Salty or Sweet?
Everything....but mostly Salty, yummy, wonderful potato chips.

3. Your baby's heartbeat is above/ below 140?
Above....the one time we've been told it's rate.

4. The color of your urine is dull or bright yellow?
Disgusting question that I refuse to answer on my blog.

5. Which direction does your pillow face? North or South?
South....I long for home and dream of Georgia.

6. Was the month of your conception even or odd?
Even...this question is odd.

7. Are your feet colder than before or the same?
My feet are big blocks of dry ice....if they got any colder, medical professionals would remove them from my body.

8. Does the hair on your legs grow the same or faster?
Again...gross question...and who in their right mind is going to monitor this?

9. Do you eat the heel of a loaf of bread?
Usually no...but when bread is low and your jones-ing for a PBJ, you make exceptions.

10. Has your breast development been dramatic?
This I might monitor, but refuse to broadcast.

Again, make sure to take part in the poll and get your two-sense in!


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    hee hee! You are so funny, Lyd! I love you and am so happy for your happiness! What wonderful blessings lie ahead....
    Your Cous,
    oh yeah, one more thing....there is also an old wives tale that says if you string thread and hang it over your belly that depending on which way it spins you can know the sex of your baby...you'll have to look it up for the specifics! ha!
    i will say this, however....i was not sick with Logan but awful sick with my girls....could be coincidence of course! ;)

  2. Anonymous1:28 AM

    I was SICK with the girls but not so bad with Alex....