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We recently headed back to the South for a 10-day whirlwind tour complete with 3 home towns (it's possible) and 3 baby showers. It was so much fun and SOOOOO nice to be back in the land of thunderstorms and sunshine (also possible).

We left at 12:25AM - basically the middle of the night - and flew into Houston. Not a terrible flight - lots of sleep and I believe hubs watched a movie (he doesn't sleep while traveling).  We landed in Houston, grabbed breakfast, boarded our TINY plane....and then had a not so wonderful flight. I've done my fair share of flying. I've been flying since I was little. This plane (and I used the term plane loosely) was my match. I don't know if it was the pregnancy or the ridiculous HEAT, stale air, or overwhelming noise....but, I got a little disoriented, felt very uncomfortable, and just closed my eyes for the duration of the hour-forty-five minute flight. We got off of that flight quickly, were greeted by my sweet mom - who bought us some lunch, and then we jumped in my parents' van and headed towards the Hubs' family. Driving 3+ hours after being in an airplane for 8 hours on NO sleep is a lot of fun - let me tell you. My hubs was nodding off in the middle of dinner - and I couldn't blame him.

We spent a few days at the Hubs, a few days in our home-town with friends, and then a few more days with my family. We ate a lot of good food, spent a lot of time with good folks, and really enjoyed our time.

Now, the travel back was a tad more difficult. I was dreading the flight back. Mainly because I didn't want to leave and also because I knew that little evil plane that would be taking me from the South to Houston. I felt good. I had a little lunch before our flight. Then the plane took off. I have NEVER been so nauseous in my life (maybe an exaggeration). But, my head was pounding, the light hurt my eyes, my head felt dizzy, my tummy was unsettled, and I just couldn't get comfortable. The whole situation peaked upon landing - with a sweet stewardess giving me a cool rag for my forehead - while I clutched 2 barf bags with great expectations. We landed and I thought I was home free. I was so wrong. I had to waddle my way back to the lavatory - while everyone else was disembarking....and then it hit full throttle. My stomach completely evacuated itself and EVERYONE heard. Sweet co-travelers offered disposable toothbrushes and wet ones and I sat there laughing at how very comical it all was.

I felt great after that.

Hubs and I had to run to our connecting flight, but stopped at Starbucks for more water and some goodies to rehydrate - then jumped onto a much larger plane hoping for little better than bearable.

Well, God must love us because we lucked out with bulkhead seats - right behind first class, they served a meal (don't know how long it's been since I have had a meal on a plane), AND we had drink service throughout. It was just lovely.

I will probably never fly pregnant again unless absolutely necessary....and I certainly won't be flying through Houston (or anywhere) any time soon. I was sick as a dog and I am convinced that lil' girl only survived because she was protected by my tummy. I can't imagine having a newborn on a plane.

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