Finally...body issues come in handy

Quick Baby Update:
27 weeks, 2 days. Baby is doing great - she is extremely active, a bit feisty, and still loves Daddy's voice. I only gained 5 pounds over the last 2 months and am feeling GREAT. I am starting to swell (feet), but work has recently required much more exclusive UP or DOWN time. Hopefully, with summer ahead I will have more control of where and how I can move - and this will help alleviate the balloons attached to my ankles.

Now, for the real post.

We're looking forward to a trip South for a few days. Family and friends are ready to see the growing bump (and maybe us too). We originally set the travel dates a bit later in the summer - until my thoughtful mother-in-law pointed out to us that I would be way beyond the point flying safely at that time. Thanks Momma J! Trip dates were consequently moved up.

It's not very hot here in the Pacific Northwest yet - so, I'm looking forward to wearing cute sun dresses and being able to get more than a few hours of sunshine each day. I'm also looking forward to the possibility of a pool. Floating would just be heavenly right now...and maybe "Sose" would enjoy it to.

The pool brings with it some issues - like a maternity bathing suit. Are you kidding me?! I don't like shopping for bathing suits when I'm not sporting a basketball in my mid-section, how am I suppose to enjoy spending time, energy, tears, and cash on an over-priced maternity suit that might make 2-4 appearances this summer?

I went to Old Navy and tried on bikinis (first time EVER) with the thought process that a bikini is a bikini and my stomach sticking out is completely acceptable. It was actually cute. I think I can actually pull off a bikini more pregnant than when it's just me. Downside: I feel pretty exposed. Ain't no way thar little top was going to fully support Sose's future food supply (trying to state it delicately).

Giving up on NOT having to spend an arm and a leg, I went online. $118 for a maternity suit that doesn't look like a giant egg dyed for Easter and I'm not so much willing to part with $118. After a few more unsuccessful web searches, I thought, "I'll just try on my swimsuit from last season...who knows?"

I bought this suit from Land's End (I love their modest suits) and haven't been able to wear it much.  It is made for those of us with long torsos. It's always been a little big in the tummy and bust, but I didn't think I had ordered an ill-sized suit - until I tried it on today....and it fit...perfectly. Looking at a fast approaching third trimester still fitting in my normal bathing suit made this lil' momma feel pretty good.

I guess always buying big clothes has an upside. I look good during pregnancy - and probably like a complete mess when not with child. Oh well.

Now, nobody burst my bubble in the comments section and remind me of the fact that swimsuits are by design stretchy....it will not go well with you. ;)


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Can't wait to go swimming and see you in it.

  2. We got a pool! Maybe we can g for a float before the party! Woohoo!

  3. I could never fit into one of my pre-pregnancy one-piece suits pregnant, so good for you!!! Wish we could see you guys, and your baby bump too.