A baby is being born today!

No. Not ours. Sorry, but I LOVE titles that make you all gasp.

Matt and I have some good friends, we'll call them the K & J. They live in Georgia and we have known them since before our engaged, married, Oregon days. We spent many a day playing on rocks and many a night playing Canasta.

K & J have been blessed with two beautiful little girls and are just awesome parents and people. We love them.

We found out earlier this summer that K & J were planning on adopting their third child, a little boy. Got word via facebook that lil' boy is being born today! We are so super psyched for them.

Please, pray for baby and birth momma. This a a hard thing for any woman to do - and she is really making such a selfless choice by choosing to place her child with a family who can provide a more stable life right now.

Pray for K & J and family as they make their way to their little new one. It will be a bit of a drive. Pray for safety and that everything will go smoothly.


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    praying...for all of them.

  2. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Wow, how exciting! We'll be praying.


  3. email me their info! :)