New Ground Rules for the Blog

With baby girl almost here, the Hubs and I are really thinking about HOW we use the blog. We supposedly have a shared blog: The Georgia-gonians, but Hubs is "in charge" of that one and has a love/hate relationship with Blogger; it rarely gets updated. So, we have recognized the fact that most friends and family will start looking at my blog more regularly for updates, stories, etc. once our lil' one is here. So, we've been thinking a lot about the blog, those who can view it, and how we will employ it to protect our privacy and our lil' girl (you never know).

I immediately voted for making it a "private" blog. A Day's Grace has had a good run. It's a fun blog and I have had so much fun meeting new people through it, but I definitely want to know whose looking at it once I begin posting pictures or videos of our family on a more regular basis. Hubs votes to keep it public - mostly, because some of our family (on occasion) are not as technically savvy & he wants to avoid having to walk several folks through the "registering to view a private blog" process.

What do you all think? I know that I have tons of friends and family (with kiddos) who have both private and public blogs. How do, did, will, or would you navigate this situation?

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  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Just walk me through whatever so I can view it.

  2. My blog is public but I disabled the comments part because somebody random posted an unknown link on my blog and I was afraid that it might be a virus and didn't want family/friends to get it. But yes, walk me through anything so I can see it!!

  3. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Keep me posted. I enjoy reading your blog! :) And I want to keep up with the newest little one to our family!! Let me know if you make these changes!