A great deal...

 Friday morning I woke up to an empty bed at 6:00am in the morning. Naturally, called out for Hubs. Hubs was very patiently doing his morning reading...so, I slipped out of the bed, grabbed my Bible, and proceeded to join him. When we had each finished our respective readings for the days, I was told, "Get dressed. We're going on a date." It was 6:30 in the morning?!

I'm told street clothes are fine. No hiking boots, layers, or swimwear needed. We load up and drive. We're talking and for the first time since a few very well planned Christmas dates years ago, I really have no idea where we are going. Enter the IHOP.

Hubs and I have few guilty pleasures in life - IHOP is one of them. We love going to IHOP. The waitresses are always pleasant, we sit for hours (at least) and have some of the best conversations ever, and we just ARE for a few moments. You're never over-dressed or under-dressed at the IHOP. IHOP is indeed the great equalizer.

So, somehow we got it into our head that we needed to go to Sears. Sears doesn't open until 10am. Stay with me, it's only 6:35am when we arrive at the IHOP. We kill a few hours and then head to Target. We look at baby stuff, buy a diaper pail, and still have an hour to kill. So, over to Kohl's where Hubs buys a belt and a wallet (on sale, of course). He's needed a belt for the past EVER. I'm very glad he finally just bit the bullet and bought one. Then, we head to Sears - we check out a few things, buy nothing, move on. Then, on the way home we notice a Sears Outlet. AWESOME.

You have to dig, but they have a few great deals. For example, Lands' End crib skirt and crib pillow sham for the low low price of $5....total. I thought they might dress up lil' girl's simple quilt...and then I put them next to the quilt - disaster. One pink is too red, one is too purple. CLASH city.

So, I go to JoAnne's and purchase RIT in scarlet. Leave the items in for 5 minutes and WALL-LA. A now coral, faded red crib skirt. Considering it cost a grand total of $8, I am pretty psyched. 

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