Giveaway: Silohuette Craft Cutter {A Soft Place to Land}

It's obvious from the last 10+ posts that I am indeed in full "nesting" mode. Although, I would like to state (in my own defense) that any self-respecting crafty chick is always in the nesting mode. It never ends. We live in a constant state of making everything prettier, better, more "homey."

I've been looking into fabric and vinyl decals, screen printing & making my own tees, and paper crafts...mostly because sewing, knitting, and embroidery are "limited" and I just don't have the financial ability or available space to explore carpentry or metal-working.

Enter the best giveaway ever. A Soft Place to Land is hosting a most amazing giveaway. One Silhouette Craft Cutter is up for grabs, but they don't stop there. They throw in software, a USB cable, 2 cutting mats, a cutting blade, and a $10 gift card to the Silhouette online store. BOOM! If that doesn't blow your mind, nothing will.

I don't really want to tell you all about this opportunity (no offense intended), but I kind of want it for myself.

Happy posting and best of luck.

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