Loving the Unlovable

I think when most of us read about loving the unlovable - we recall Christ's love for those around him who were seen as untouchable by the cultures and communities around them.

the beggar.

the orphan.

the tax collector.

the lunatic.

the demon possessed.

the whore.

From a modern Christian perspective - looking back into the days of 'ol - these folks are EASY to love.

It does not take much convincing to love an orphan or the exploited or the downtrodden or the mentally unstable or even someone who has a "job" that we wouldn't necessarily agree with (I'm referencing the tax collector - not the whore. Most prostitutes are the victims of exploitation and I would never call what they do a "job." I call it slavery...but that's another post).

Who we don't immediately think about Jesus loving is the Pharisee. We see the Pharisee as the bad guy...which, they weren't all that great, but Jesus loved them. Loved them enough to debate with them, challenge them....discipline them. That's a pretty great love.

I admit. I have some "pharisees" in my life that are pretty hard to love.

It's a heart issue. Call me crazy, but I don't really like being told that my life is unbiblical when it doesn't align with what some politics-from -the-pulpit "theologian" has spouted off and sadly, many modern day Christians have accepted as biblical truths.

So sad.

I have realized, however that as I open my heart and my home and my time and all things required to be relational - it hurts and frankly, only God can give me a heart to keep "trying" to love certain people.

Lord, give me a heart today for the people I do not care for. The people that I avoid. The people I force myself to converse with. The people who you love, but I do not...the modern day pharisees...

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