So refreshed...

A few months back, my hubs had to take the Myers-Briggs personality assessment for a leadership program he is attending. The results were in no way surprising. We are the EXACT opposite in every single category. Seriously folks, we got that WHOLE test nailed. We are basically the perfect person. Two becoming one...it's very similar to how those five kids from Captain Planet. "By our powers combined...." Just kidding.

In all seriousness, I am amazed we get along as well as we do. People may say, "opposites attract," but a truth of life is that the grand majority of us surround ourselves with other little versions of us.

I digress.

So, the hubs is an introvert. He gets energy and enjoyment and a revived spirit from being ALONE. I am an extrovert (although I do have some introvert tendencies) and I get "life" from being around others...I'm basically an energy succubus...or parasite. Parasite might be better.  I would like to think that for most folks we have a symbiotic relationship and hopefully, I help "revive" and "enliven" them as well.

All this goes along with my newer, busier schedule. I was hesitant to commit to several things over the past few months (MOPs Steering, Noonday, our awesome Church), but I have come to find that the busier I am (spending time and working with others), the happier I am. Plus, it forces me to change out of my PJ's, take a shower, and do my hair. I'll admit I was worried that I would be overwhelmed by it all, get burned out, and never have the mythical "me" time - I mean, all of this on top of my two littles. 

But it has become apparent that my "me" time is best spent with others. When I most feel drained is when I am by myself without a mission outside of myself. To force myself into this alone time really is me not seeing WHO I am and WHO God has made me to be. So to all you extroverts, introverts, and in-betweens, own who you are and run with it. I think it can make all the difference. 

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