Congratulations are in Order!

Well, we have had quite a few goings-on in our house as of late.

1) My husband's grandfather turned 92 on Sunday - HOLY COW!

2) My husband, the law student, was offered a summer internship in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine. He will be spending 12 weeks there during this summer. We are pretty excited, as now we can say that "We summer in Maine" - which makes us sound more important than we are.

3) My sister, an amazing writer, recently won the Mt.Hermon Christian Writer's Retreat Scholarship. Congratualtions, Sis! You deserve it. I'm very proud. She was also recently named Featured Blogger of the Week at homeschoolblogger.com. This is what they wrote about her:

"MotherJoy of Thoughtful Motherhood

At each blog you visit you’ll meet a either a blogger who is careful with their words or one who feels free to say anything they are thinking. Both kinds of blogs can be honest, both can share what is going on in their lives and thoughts.

I like the blog title Thoughtful Motherhood. Not only does MotherJoy share her thoughts on being a mother, she posts her honest thoughts on life as well. Mothers have to think in order to train their children. It’s not just a matter of throwing food down for them to eat and patting them on the head. If we want to train our children to follow the Lord then we have to consciously think about how we will live our lives. If we want to train our children to be kind to others then we have to think about how we will teach them to be kind.

Go visit MotherJoy, she’s thinking."


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Wow! How exciting....I've always wanted to visit Maine. What a fun little adventure to look forward to! Do you think you might be able to take a little rest stop in Allentown as you're driving through? =)
    Ken and I (and I'm sure I speak for Andrea as well) would love to see you and meet your hubby! My parents are empty nesters now and have lots of spare bedroom space for you to stay...I know they'd be thrilled to have you. Let us know, okay?
    Love ya,

  2. Hey, Lyd---I have so enjoyed reading your blogs---makes me feel closer to you. Congratulations to Matt, and how cool to get to spend time there! Also, I read with great admiration about your new business....that's so awesome!

    I'm on my way over to Beth's blog to leave congrats there as well...Philip and I are so proud of all our nieces!


  3. Hi Aunt Collette and Uncle Phillip!
    I love you both and it has been too long! I've been reading all of my cousins' blogs as well. We certainly are a vocal group of ladies.