Awesome Day

So, I woke up at 5:30am and said to myself, "I should mow the lawn today. I'll wait until around 7am - so that my neighbors wont hate me." So I sat in bed (okay, dozed in bed) until 7am. I went out to the garage and tried to start our finicky and decrepit mower to no avail. But, I didn't get mad - which if you knew me, this is a big thing. I didn't get frustrated (mad and frustrated are different and yes, both big things). I simply acquiesced to the desire of our mower and decided I would go ride my bike instead.

So, I rode 9 miles in 30 minutes. I was absolutely gross. I mean, gross. I usually don't sweat a lot - but I got a great workout today and really pushed myself. It was fun.

Next, I jumped in the shower to remedy the aforementioned grossness and then I planned lunch with a good friend, Scheduled a hair appointment, and acquired a box for my bike's approaching cross country journey. Then, I started reading Numbers....if you have no idea why it is called Numbers, you have clearly never read this book of the BIBLE. It was good.

After all this I decided to go back to the mower...and it decided to work. SWEET. So, all of the above and a mowed lawn before 10:40AM.

I had lunch with the lovely, Rachel - who just returned from a 3 week journey to Tanzania. I had a great time talking...and eating. (Thanks, Rach)

While in town for lunch I picked up the box. I then returned home, searched for dummy instructions as to how to pack my own bike into this box, and fell asleep due to Marti's spicy pimento cheese (yummy).

It feels god to get things done.

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