Let It Go

The web has been abuzz with everyone's take on Let It Go (sung by Idina Menzel, written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez) featured in Disney's surprisingly not-princess-crazed-animated-feature, Frozen.

I have issues with princesses. Specifically Disney Princesses. I think they are stupid poor role models. If you want to tell me that my little girls have something to learn from Ariel, I'm willing argue at length on EXACTLY what worldly and entirely incorrect LIE most Disney princesses are wanting you to believe. 

So...if you still think of yourself as a princess...just go ahead and stop reading now. 

Back to the point.

I've heard that Frozen has a surprisingly NOT Disney take on princess life. I have not watched it. My kids aren't so much into feature films yet (thank goodness), but friends I respect have enjoyed it and have good things to say...except when it comes to this song. 

I've listened to the song in question: Let It Go.

Here is my take. 

As a song writer - This song is darn catchy. It hits the emotional note necessary for the point in time that it is featured in the film.  It sends a broader message to the listener while moving the plot along which means that it will find commercial success outside of the movie. Songwriters like to get paid...and commercial success is equivalent to CHA-CHING!

This is why Phil Collins's You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) saw more radio play than I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Lion King). 

No offense folks, but Disney is trying to SELL things, not raise your kids. If it were up to Disney...every girl would let it all go and there would be no rules. Because rules mean self-control and discipline and credit limits. And people who have these things don't buy into the big 'ol lie that all us princesses get everything we want. Folks who have these things don't thoughtlessly and mindlessly spend money at Disney stores, parks, restaurants and at the box office. Lo siento for the bursting of THAT bubble. Disney is just out to create warm-fuzzies so that they will have a life long customer fan.

As a woman - There are aspects of this song that I respond to. I don't have to be ANYTHING that I don't want to be. I don't have to cow to anyone's expectations of what it is to be the "perfect girl." I don't need to hide who I am so that others can be happy. Some rules are stupid and should be broken - mainly referring to societal "rules," norms, and taboos. Why be someone I'm not and live miserably, just to make YOU happy? If my daughters walk away from society's expectations of them and cling to who they are...well, I'm not gonna lose a night's sleep over it. 

As a Christian - There are parts of this that when viewed in the right light...I think are fine. There are some lines about RULES not mattering. Well, some "rules" really do matter....and that's when you stop calling them "rules" and you claim them as beliefs. Hopefully, my girls will never come to the point where our family beliefs don't matter. These beliefs will hopefully be part of their formation as humans. 

But let's say my girls do run away from these beliefs and "rules" and live without regarding them. Well, Frozen still does a good job of showing the dire consequences of Elsa's rebellion. I mean, doesn't she end up causing some major damage to everything and everyone around her only finding healing of it all when LOVE enters the equation. I don't know about you...but I'm not bothered by a song that shows how the idea of rebellion can fill us with this crazy, narcissistic feeling of invincibility. I mean, that's how it feels. BUT...rebellion is sin, sin leads to hurt, hurts are only mended by love. And the movie as a whole seems to show the downsides of just "letting go."

Call me crazy, but it sounds like a GREAT jumping off point for some pretty deep conversations with your princesses, right? {I have a friend who has already ventured in on these discussions with her little girl and I think that is AMAZING} 

This is my take on the SONG...meaning the lyrics. The video of how it all goes down with a complete makeover for Elsa is another story. But, who is really surprised that Disney is teaching girls to let their hair down, dress flashy, show a little skin, and walk like hookers.

Not me.

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